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Summer Sandals!

BY Deidre |
May 17, 2014

Spring is here and the warmth is rolling in. It is time to trade in your boots and tights for some tan legs and spring shoes. Even if it isn’t warm where you are, get ahead and get in on these awesome deals!

If you are anything like me you are just waiting to show off those manicured toes with a closet full of sandals. Whether it be flats or wedges I will take it. Today I am sharing with you my favorite from the new summer selection all for fifty dollars or less. An added bonus? Most of them are at the low end of that and come in multiple colors to give your closet variety!

A. \\ B. \\ C. \\ D. \\ E. \\ F. \\ G. \\ H. \\ I.

I’ve already bought a few pairs of these sandals because I just couldn’t wait. They are showing up all over my blog, Love, The Skinnys, over the next few weeks, so stop by and see how I styled them. What sort of summer shoes do you love? What are you looking for this Spring season?

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