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Christmas is over and 2015 is creeping up faster than you could have imagined. And what is one thing we all do with the new year? Make resolutions. Admit it! You make resolutions. Sometimes you declare them read more…

There is something about being a working professional that makes me feel like I need to wear lipstick. I am going to contribute it to my very first full time job after college. I walked in to my first day and the office was full of women ranging from my age to twenty years older than me. They all made business professional look amazing. read more…

Everyone has their purse “must haves”. You have probably seen hundreds “what’s in my bag” posts by this point in time. Well, I am not showing you what is in my bag today, but the things that I always make sure are in my bag when I take the time to clean and organize. I wish I was always on top of it and replaced the things that went missing read more…

The beginning of fall welcomes to GREAT things. Fall – ahem… fall clothes! – and Labor Day – cough… a day off of work and AWESOME sales – and today’s post is all about bringing those two things together!

read more…

Spring is here and the warmth is rolling in. It is time to trade in your boots and tights for some tan legs and spring shoes. Even if it isn’t warm where you are, get ahead and get in on these awesome deals!

If you are anything like me you are just waiting to show off those manicured toes with a closet full of sandals. Whether it be flats or wedges read more…

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