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July 07, 2015 is amazing. With all their unique, fun products, everyone will find what they are looking for! The design you find throughout the products on the site is unbelievable! There is personality in every piece, from home furnishings to jewelry! Fab’s products are exciting, new, and one of a kind! If you are looking for that little accessory to liven things up, is the place to go! And with Fashion Cache, you will receive 5% cash back on all your purchases. I pulled a few items from different categories, to give you a little feel of what is all about!

Art – There are hundreds of different types of posters and prints available. I was in love with multiple pieces. From Pop Art to Modern Art, there is something for everyone! 1234

“When You Love” and “New York” were probably my top two prints. Both of them available here.

Jewelry– I had a hard time choosing my favorite piece of jewelry. With all the statement necklaces and pendants they offer, I was going back and forth between so many!! But, this Magna Icosaheden necklace is the winner! I love that it is different, but isn’t too much at the same time! And bonus, it is on sale now! I think the colors are so fun!! neck

Tech & Gadgets – I’m telling you, Fab has it all. As I was looking at every little gadget they had, I found the phone cases and got stuck! I mean, we can never have enough phone cases! The Summertime case below was my favorite, but make sure you check out their endless supply!! You won’t be disappointed.




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