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How to Beat the Rain with an Awesome (and Waterproof) Wardrobe

BY Lauren |
October 27, 2014

I live in Seattle, so rain is no stranger to me. Based on trial and error (and ruining too many pairs of shoes), here are 5 essentials for dressing for rain while still looking great:

1.  Protect your hair   There is nothing worse than spending 20 minutes doing your hair and having it ruined in a matter of seconds after stepping outside. Use an anti-frizz hair product and pull your hair back with a no crease hair tie.

Splurge: Anthropologie Multitude Hair Ties, $12

     Slurge Hair Tie Anthro  

Save: Etsy No Crease Hair Ties, $1.25

Save Hair Tie Etsy

2. Waterproof your makeup   Let’s face it, you’re probably going to get at least a little bit wet. Consider changing up your makeup routine to include waterproof mascara and eyeliner. If you need lip color, try a lip stain.

Splurge: tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint, $24

splurge lip stain tarte

Save: Cover Girl Outlast LipStain, $8.49

Save lipstain covergirl

3. Use an Umbrella   The majority of Seattleites scoff at people who use umbrellas, but I still use one when it’s raining hard enough. It’s the only way to protect your bag and it’s a fun accessory. 

Splurge: Kate Spade Umbrella, $38

slurge kate spade umbrella

Save: Target Polka Dot Umbrella, $14.99

save target umbrella4. Invest in two raincoats   It’s important to have a raincoat that is light and another that is heavier. I suggest making sure at least one of the coats goes down to the knee or mid-calf to keep more of you dry.

Splurge: JCrew Long Belted Puffer, $298

splurge jcrew raincoat

Save: Target Rain Anorak Jacket, $49.99

save target raincoat5. Embrace Rain Boots I’ll be the first to say rain boots aren’t ok to wear to work; however, if you have to walk outside to get to work, you need a pair. Let’s call them commuter boots. You can change into other shoes once you get inside.

Splurge: Hunter Original High Gloss Boots, $148

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.32.43 PM

Save: Target Classic Knee High Rain Boots, $39.99

save target rain boots

With these tips, paired with a sunny attitude, you’re prepared for any rain that’s in your future.

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