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How to Dress for Success

BY Lauren |
April 15, 2015

There is power that comes in presenting your best self at work or in any other life situation.

We’ve all heard the phrases “dress for success” and “dress for the job you want,” but what do these mean to you?

I strongly believe that dressing well helps you have more confidence in yourself, which allows you to do your best work and put your best foot forward.

To make the right impression, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re planning what to wear to work:

  1. Dress as you want to be seen. What you wear is part of your personal and professional brand. Think about what reputation you want at work and dress to that level. For instance, if you want people to take you seriously and know you’re aiming to move to the next level, dress a level above the norm. Also, make sure what you wear isn’t immodest, too flashy, or too revealing. It’s equally as important to make sure you’re properly groomed, have an appropriate amount of makeup on, and are freshly showered.
  1. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. In a world filled with too many “Casual Fridays,” make sure your definition of casual at work doesn’t include sneakers, stretchy pants, or puffy vests. It’s important to still look polished and put together—even while wearing jeans. On that note, find jeans that are work-appropriate. Make sure your jeans are a dark wash, tailored to fit your body, and do not have holes.
  1. How you present yourself matters. This is especially true in meetings with clients and executives. First impressions can often times make or break your professional relationship. Take time to understand how the person you’re meeting with typically dresses and make sure you’re meeting them at their level (or above). For instance, you’d wear a different outfit if you were meeting with a group of bankers verses a group of mechanics.

How you dress at work can add to your credibility. It makes others around you know that you’re serious about your job which, in turn, leads to more trust and respect.

Here are five work staples I have in my wardrobe that have served me well over the years:

dress success

  1. Sleek black pants (Banana Republic)
  2. A fitted blazer  (Banana Republic)
  3. Tailored knee-length dress (Nordstrom)
  4. Smart, fun wedges (J-Crew)
  5. A little sparkle to polish off your look (J-Crew)

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