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How to Find Your Signature Style

BY Lauren |
February 06, 2015

Some people seem to be born with a unique fashion voice and a clear sense of personal style. What’s important to realize is that these people have been working on this for years through trial and error and through their willingness to take risks.

If you’re still working out what your signature style is, it can help to find a fashion icon to model your wardrobe after.

You can find fashion inspiration from your favorite movie or TV characters, designers, celebrities, bloggers, magazine ads, friends, family, coworkers, and icons from previous generations.

Do your homework and find a couple fashion role models that speak to you. Take note of how they put their outfits together and what their staple clothing items are, then customize it to work for you.

The most important thing to remember is that fashion is about you. It’s about how you feel about yourself when you get dressed in the morning. And it’s how you outwardly express your personality to the world.

This process will be perfected through trial and error. Make sure you’re being true to yourself, but also be willing to take risks.

My signature style revolves around my obsession for all things timeless, sparkly, pink, and Kate Spade. Based on that, the following are staples in my wardrobe:

Statement Accessories – I am a big fan of blingy necklaces and sparkly belts. They add the right amount of personal flavor to complete my look.

Kate Spade NecklaceKate Spade, $178

Classic Bags – A classic bag is a great way to complement your outfit and instantly appear more polished and sophisticated.

Tory Burch BagTory Burch, $295

Timeless Cardigans – Dressing in layers is always a good idea. Cardigans are versatile and allow you to stretch your wardrobe even further.

Halogen CardiHalogen, $46

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