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My Beauty Routine

BY Bailey Thompson |
May 05, 2015

Everyone has their own beauty routine and I always find myself asking my friends and sometimes strangers what products their using and loving. Over the years and many questions later I think I have finally established my very own beauty routine. I have zero credibility when it comes to makeup, but I like my simple routine and I have so many products that I absolutely love and want everyone to try!

I get most of my products at Sephora, but I do use a lot of MAC products that I usually order from Nordstrom because free shipping duh.

So to start off my everyday routine I apply a simple moisturizer that you can find literally anywhere. I apply moisturizer right before I do my makeup for a more dewey look. I recently switched from a liquid foundation to a BB cream from MAC and I absolutely love it. Since switching I started using Smashbox primer to set my face since the BB cream is pretty light coverage. I just use my hands to apply the primer and BB cream. I use a concealer for under my eyes and to hide any blemishes. I’m always switching concealers, but currently am using Benefit concealer and I really, really like it.

I have used bareMinerals loose powder for longer than I can remember. I like it because it compliments the BB cream and adds a little more coverage to my face.

Next I move to my eyes (this is where I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I just fake it) I rarely wear eyeshadow mostly because I don’t know how, but maybe if someone taught me I’d be on board. I wear a liquid eyeliner for my top lid and I have loved Sonia Kashuk eyeliner from Target the best. I have the thickest, darkest eyebrows and so I use Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill them in and I absolutely love this product. I then quickly finish off my eyes with mascara. I swear I have tried every mascara known to man and I always go back to CoverGirl LashBlast length– it’s my favorite!

I then finish my face with a little bronzer and my very favorite MAC blush! I convert everyone to this blush. It’s a cremeblend blush and it’s the best and stays on longer than any blush I’ve ever tried.

I love color on my lips and my current favorite lipstick is MAC lustering. But my favorite go-to lipgloss for years and years has been bareMinerals rebel!

I know that sounds like a lot, but it honestly takes me 5-10 minutes at most. I feel like I use lots of different products and switch it up lots, but that’s what I love about makeup!

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