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Rainproof Fashion Essentials

BY Courtney Smith |
April 07, 2015

Spring showers in the forecast don’t have to ruin your well-planned outfit. There are plenty of fashionable waterproof options.

Here are a few rainy day essentials, whether you live somewhere with constant rainy weather or with sporadic torrential downpours (I’m looking at you NYC). The gear might not make the rainy weather more enjoyable, but you’ll look good and prepared.

The Coat – Look for a jacket that it is actually waterproof, not just water-resistant. Water resistant items will be able to endure light precipitation, while waterproof will be able to endure getting drenched.

coat1          Women’s Coastal Rain Parka – Lands End                   


Karen Scott Zip-Up Rain Jacket –Macy’s (on sale!)       


North Face ‘Laney’ Trench – Nordstrom

The Boots – If you’re only going to splurge on one rainproof fashion essential, rain boots are it. Trust me, good rain boots will make you question why you tolerated having soggy wet feet for so long. Look for rain boots that are made out of sturdy rubber, but are comfortable to walk around in.

boot1                      Kamik Eden –                    


Hunter Asymmetric Colour Block –  Zappos

boot2Chooka Classic Dot Rain Boots – Macy’s

The Umbrella – A cheery umbrella can brighten your rainy day, while keeping you dry. Look for an umbrella that is lightweight enough that you won’t might lugging it around on days where there’s just a chance of rain.


Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella-       

  um2                     Liana Floral Coated Crook-   Asos                  

um3Printed Umbrella – Gap

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