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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Guest Attire

BY Courtney Smith |
May 28, 2015

Wedding season has begun and as a bride-to-be myself, I’ve been thinking and getting lots of questions about how to dress for weddings. If you’re wondering what to wear to all those summer weddings, read on.


DO check with the bride about the color scheme. Even if you aren’t in the wedding party, it might still be nice to coordinate with the wedding colors or at least not majorly clash.

DON’T wear white. I repeat do NOT wear white. Unless you are specifically asked to wear it, steer clear. Only the bride should be in white and this is her bridal fashion moment.

DO find out the wedding dress code. Sometimes this is specified on the wedding invitation or on the wedding website. If you are unsure ask the couple or their family. You don’t want to feel under or overdressed at a wedding.

DON’T bother the bride or groom with your feelings of “having nothing to wear” to their wedding. The happy couple has enough to do before their big day. They shouldn’t be bothered with what color shoes will best match your wedding date.

DO wear stylish comfortable shoes. Between all the standing and dancing, your feet will thank you later.

DON’T wear anything glitzy or risqué. Lots of sequins, rhinestones or sparkles will reflect light and not translate well in photos. And if you are getting dressed and think, “Hmm… is this really OK to wear?” The answer is: No.

DO relax and have a good time! SO much planning goes into a wedding and reception in hopes that each guest will enjoy themselves. Celebrate!

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