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top 10 purse “must have items”

BY Deidre |
October 14, 2014

Everyone has their purse “must haves”. You have probably seen hundreds “what’s in my bag” posts by this point in time. Well, I am not showing you what is in my bag today, but the things that I always make sure are in my bag when I take the time to clean and organize. I wish I was always on top of it and replaced the things that went missing right away… but let’s be honest, that wont be happening today.Or probably ever. So here are my top ten purse must have items that I wish could always say were in my bag.


1. Aspirin: This one is simple enough. It seems like no matter where you go, someone needs an Aspirin and rarely does anyone have it. I like to put four Excedrin, four Ibprofen, four cough drops, and four allergy pills into one case – usually an old prescription pill bottle – so I am prepared in for any situation.

2. Pen: This one is also a given. Need to take a note? You have a pen. Need to fill something out? You have a pen. We can all think of a time when we wished we had a pen to jot something down. I always just throw junkie pens in my bag so I wont be worried about misplacing them and they last forever. Some people might say you need a notepad, but I disagree. You can find a piece of paper or a napkin to use no matter where you are.

3. Lipbalm + Lipstick: Lipbalm is always a good thing because lips can dry out for a multitude of reasons. I like to include lipstick in this category, because I am a lip-color person. But if you aren’t, then stick to just the chapstick. And I suggest always having some rather than sharing… you never know how someone else’s DNA might mix with yours and may not be in the best way!

4. Mints + Candy: I have never been a gum person, so you could replace mints with gum. But I have always been a treat person because you never know when a sweet tooth might take over your every thought. I like to combine my mints and my candy with the sour Ice Breakers because then I am covered in every situation.

5. Band Aids: I am the queen of stubbing my toe, cutting my finger, and getting blisters. Keeping a few bandaids in your bag will prepare you for any sort of accident.

6. Hair Ties + Bobby Pins: This is a no-brainer for any women. Any day can switch from sun to rain or breeze to heavy wind in two seconds which can destroy your hair. Be prepared with a hair tie and bobby pins to fix your hair so it isn’t all over the place. Sometimes I toss in my back comb too because it is great for every sort of hair problem.

7. Floss + Toothbrush: I say floss is all you need to keep your teeth looking great in between meals, but if you want that extra insurance pack a toothbrush as well.

8. Lotion: Whether your skin dries out midday or you realize you forgot lotion in the morning, have a small travel bottle is always a handy solution.

9. Feminine Products: Whether you are on your period or not I always suggest carrying something in your bag. The body is complex and you never know when mother nature is going to throw a curve ball.

10. $20 in Cash: I know we live in a debit card and credit card world, but there is always that one business that doesn’t accept cards. Be safe by carrying a little cash in your purse. Plus, then you are covered in those “in a pinch” situations when your card isn’t working for some strange reason.

These are my ten “must haves” at all times. But of course, there are a few items that make their way in and out of my bag on a regular basis. Things like sewing kits, sunglasses, headphones, a mirror, oil absorbing sheets, nail file, a granola bar or two, and hand sanitizer to name a few. If you really want to get it all consolidated and into one spot I would recommend checking out the Pinch Provision Minimergency kits. I have one in my purse and I LOVE it. It really has everything, and takes up hardly any space which is perfect for the smaller purses. What do you keep in your purse at all times? What do you think is most important to carry with you no matter where you are headed?

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